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8/29/10  35 years of USCF Junior Dues Adventures

2009: Berry, Goichberg, Haring, Atkins elected

2009: Sloan mailing to voters

2009: Statement by Randy Bauer

2009: Illinois Action: Why Polgar and Truong should be removed from the Executive Board

2009: Illinois action exhibits

2009: Lawsuits involving USCF

2007: Polgar straw men

2007: Is this integrity, honesty and credibility? by Jerry Hanken

2007: Polgar Executive Board campaign

2007: Truong Executive Board campaign

2007: Sloan Executive Board campaign

2007: Polgar and Truong marriage revealed

2/19/07 44 signatures for Sloan recall

12/18/06 Sam Sloan recall petition

7/22/05  Goichberg, Shahade, Channing, Tanner elected

7/20/05  Ballot Count begins today

7/12/05  Election down to last week

6/22/05  Brain Pills: Still no USCF explanation or apology

6/22/05  Compromise on Secretary office

6/19/05  Marinello submits motion to remove Schultz as Secretary

6/18/05  Shaughnessy objects to motion to reveal facts behind Brain Pill decision

6/18/05  New Ballots to be mailed soon

6/17/05  Booz accuses Schultz of backing Brain Pill deal

6/13/05  USCF to push "Brain Pill?"

6/11/05  "Success Team" shows little interest in sponsorship

6/3/05  Vote for Goichberg, Channing, Tanner and Shahade

5/26/05  "Success Team" members claim credit for recovery that occurred before they were on the Executive Board

5/26/05  A USCF first:  Political campaigning by the Chief Operating Officer 

5/13/05  Bill Goichberg's report to USCF members

5/13/05  Playing Politics with US Open placement

5/13/05  Outrageous Misuse of Chess Life


11/26/03  Open Letter to the Chess World, by Robert Huntington

8/23/03  EB Conference Call

8/20/03  USCF statement on staff cuts

8/20/03  Massive staff reductions at USCF

8/10/03  Marinello is USCF President

8/8/03  USCF operations loses $318,000

8/7/03  Niro resigns

8/5/03  Membership without a publication: a history of failure

8/5/03  Crossville move expected next summer

7/16/03  Upset in EB election

7/16/03  1822 votes in OMOV election

6/10/03  Executive Board choices

6/9/03  Ballot problem

5/18/03  USCF reports surplus after 11 months

4/22/03  USCF nears breakeven for year

4/4/03  2002 Audited USCF Financials

3/16/03  USCF $20K closer to even

3/15/03  Debi Sherry

2/20/03  USCF still down 81K for fiscal year

2/20/03  Alex Dunne tragedy

2/7/03  Niro to leave hospital, by John McCrary

2/5/03  McCrary statement on Niro

2/5/03  Niro expects to return in two weeks

2/4/03  Niro hospitalized

1/17/03  USCF to move to Palm Beach Gardens

1/16/03  Six candidates for Executive Board

1/14/03  USCF December revenue strong

1/14/03  USCF membership reaches another high

12/21/02  USCF midyear finances: down, but ahead of budget

10/23/02  Executive Board statement on drug testing

9/24/02  Leong Ticket Withdraws

9/12/02  USCF Audited Financials: CPA comments

9/8/02  USCF Audited Financials: a correction

9/4/02  A Final Blow to Chess Drug Testing?

8/18/02  Killing the Messenger

8/14/02  USCF must back the French ticket

8/14/02  Seirawan: USCF should replace FIDE team

8/7/02  Time for a Drug-Testing Petition, by Larry Parr

8/4/02  USCF Delegates Meeting

7/31/02  To Our Readers

7/31/02  Denker, Wagner elected

5/17/02  USCF Rulebook Contract by John Hillery

5/7/02  Redman Board contracts: still problems

5/7/02  The Return of the USCF

4/17/02  USCF sales: hopeful signs

4/17/02  EB elections

3/12/02  USCF membership hits new high

2/10/02  USCF Quarterly Financial Report, updated

2/8/02  USCF Quarterly Financial Report

1/31/02  Executive Board to meet Feb 9-10

1/1/02  New Year's message from the President, by John McCrary

12/28/01  Special USCF EB election announced

12/27/01  Another resignation: Doris Barry

12/23/01  Helen Warren resigns from EB

12/19/01  Frank Niro named Interim USCF ED

12/13/01  Richard Verber is dead

12/3/01  A Sad Farewell: Jack Collins dies by Steve Shutt

11/20/01  USCF seeks Executive Director

11/14/01  De Feis to leave USCF

11/13/01  Tony Miles dies

11/8/01  "Year of the OTB Player" ends

11/8/01  Ernest Marx passes away, by Herman Drenth

10/31/01  USCF CFO leaves

10/28/01  EB meeting, second day

10/28/01  USCF to promote 3-year memberships

10/27/01  EB meeting, first day

10/26/01  Drug Testing Arguments, by Eric Johnson

10/25/01  Executive Board meets this weekend

10/25/01  FIDE Advisory Committee drug testing report

10/15/01  USOC rejects USCF application

10/15/01  Drug Testing: Redman vs. Parr and Evans

10/15/01  The case against drug-testing in U.S. chess, by Larry Parr and Larry Evans

10/7/01  USCF misses its opportunity

10/3/01  The chess world responds to September 11

9/20/01  Amateur Teams appear back to four

9/20/01  Hall of Fame dinner & special events postponed

9/7/01  Amateur Teams cancellation protested

9/7/01  Why the USCF should not support FIDE, by Vincent J Hart

8/30/01  Redman's ethics complaint dismissed

8/13/01  TLA fees rolled back

8/12/01  McCrary elected USCF President

8/12/01  OMOV approved

8/8/01  Shutt, McCrary, Camaratta, Brady elected

7/31/01  Let's have a clean election! by Daren Dillinger

7/10/01  Camaratta for Executive Board

7/10/01  Brady for Executive Board

7/10/01  Tamburro endorses Brady for EB

7/6/01  Executive Board endorsements

7/6/01  Ippolito: I don't endorse Pechac

6/26/01  Doyle: $100K Games Parlor cost "nonsense"

6/23/01  McCrary for USCF Executive Board

6/23/01  ADM protests Board actions without Delegate approval

6/23/01  Ballots to be mailed July 2

6/22/01  Eric Johnson submits three ADMs

6/22/01  Games Parlor contract is online

6/22/01  Outsourcing not imminent

6/21/01  Games Parlor controls USCF online play advertising

6/21/01  Barry promises ballot date soon

6/20/01  Barry: Ballot date request "unreasonable"

6/19/01  Barry: Still no ballot date

6/18/01  New US Championship format announced

6/17/01  Games Parlor gets 25% of USCF dues revenue increase

6/16/01  Outsource the USCF? by Eric Johnson

6/16/01  Board sales cutbacks protested

6/16/01  Return to USCF officer direct elections proposed

6/16/01  Drug testing motions submitted

6/15/01  Barry refuses to set ballot mail date

6/14/01  Board votes not to recognize OMOV Committee

6/9/01  Sales outsourcing: another USCF giveaway?

6/6/01  Hochberg endorses Brady for USCF Executive Board

6/6/01  Cottell submits Life Member Asset ADMs

6/4/01  Committees: restore affiliate commissions

6/4/01  Lower TLA fees proposed by committees

6/3/01  USCF EB and USCL by Michael Aigner

6/2/01  Chess Life election issue: Pechac strikes it rich

5/24/01  ICC responds to Doris Barry

5/23/01  Doris Barry responds to Bogner

5/23/01  Open Letter to USCF re: ICC by Hal Bogner

5/22/01  More on Tournament Life Announcements by Roy Greenberg

5/22/01  Life Member Newsletter discussion by Kevin L Bachler

5/19/01  USCF signs Games Parlor contract

5/18/01  Drugs and FIDE thugs by Larry Parr

5/13/01  USCF Life Member Newsletter

5/11/01  A TLA policy that makes sense by Wick Deer

5/9/01  Redman: "We had a semantic misunderstanding"

5/5/01  Draney responds on TLA fees

5/5/01  Redman:  Smith is "paranoid"

5/3/01  Redman:  Eliminate correspondence chess

5/3/01  Where to buy chess supplies? by William Flamme

5/1/01  Executive Board meeting in Kansas City

4/30/01  EB majority votes to censure Smith

4/21/01  FIDE responds to Karpov, Kasparov and Kramnik

4/21/01  Open letter from Karpov, Kasparov and Kramnik

4/20/01  How to characterize the Redman letter? by Bill Smythe

4/19/01  ICC would like to talk to USCF, by Danny Sleator

4/17/01  Redman's comments about Sloan defended, by Wick Deer

4/10/01  A hit letter from... the USCF!?

4/10/01  De Feis returns to office

4/9/01  Political mailing financed by USCF?

4/2/01  FIDE meeting at Cannes

4/2/01  Executive Board field appears set

3/28/01  Computerization and the internet- another viewpoint by Don Schultz

3/28/01  Digital clock standards, clock modes by Bill Smythe

3/28/01  The ideal chess clock? by Jorge Amador

3/20/01  Doris Barry reverses stand on petitions

3/19/01  USCF Executive Board nomination controversy

3/16/01  De Feis update

3/16/01  Digital Clock Standards, readers comments by Alvin Setzepfandt and Steve Coldonato

3/11/01  Why USCF should enact OMOV

3/1/01  USCL software not risky, says subcommittee

3/1/01  De Feis on the road to recovery

2/28/01  "Intolerant Idea" delayed but not abandoned by Hans Olav Lahlum

2/27/01  Open letter on the "New FIDE time control" by Hans Olav Lahlum

2/27/01  Ilyumzhinov:  fast FIDE time control "inevitable"

2/27/01  Crespo statements challenged by Kevin Bachler and Michael LeBlanc

2/25/01  It's official, Mississippi secedes from USCF by Richard Crespo

2/22/01  De Feis continues to improve

2/22/01  Louisiana Chess Association- another view by James F. Sennett

2/21/01  De Feis condition improves

2/20/01  De Feis in coma

2/19/01  USCF Executive Director injured in auto accident

2/19/01  Digital clock standards by Bill Smythe

2/16/01  USCF January financials reported

2/16/01  Activity points are officially rescinded

2/12/01  Louisiana, Mississippi Associations to drop out of USCF

2/11/01  "The Year of the Over-the-Board Player"

2/11/01  Redman files ethics complaint against Sloan

2/11/01  An attack on the USCF Ratings Committee

2/11/01  Amateur Team playoffs are back on

2/10/01  Redman responds to the recall effort

2/9/01  US Amateur Team playoffs cancelled

2/8/01  A counter point of view to the Sloan recall petition by Bruce Draney

2/5/01  International petition against "new FIDE time control"

2/5/01  Does Amazon really charge less than USCF? by John Hillery

2/5/01  Morten Sand on FIDE controversies

2/1/01  FIDE news release on time controls, Zonals

1/29/01  Alan Benjamin is dead

1/29/01  USCF may have zonal options

1/29/01  FIDE time limits and world title match format by Larry Parr 

1/27/01  Changes in Chess Life, readers comments by Dan Heisman and Doris Thackrey

1/27/01  Sam Sloan sends petition to recall four Executive Board members

1/27/01:  LMA investments decline in value

1/27/01:  Loss of zonals by Don Schultz

1/25/01:  EB conference call cancelled

1/24/01 : Miami Meeting: Board supports cutting back book & equipment sales

1/24/01:  Arbitrary actions by FIDE Board- similar to USCF?

1/23/01:  Honor the Intent by Don Schultz

1/23/01:  Board expected to abolish fiddle points

1/21/01:  Board votes to limit fiddle points

1/17/01:  Changes in Chess Life by John Hillery

1/13/01:  Karpov, FIDE settle lawsuits (FIDE news release)

1/10/01:  FIDE says 40/2, SD/1 is not acceptable!?

12/23/00:  USCF Executive Board votes to distort ratings

12/23/00:  2001 Grand Prix is on!


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