The following is the agenda of the USCF Executive Board meeting
scheduled for February 9-10, 2002, at the Ramada Inn in Newburgh, NY.
(1055 Union Avenue, Ph: 845-564-4500). The agenda may be published and
should be posted on the USCF website, although the Board has authority
to make changes to it during the meeting.

The meeting will convene at 9 am Saturday, February 9, and continue on
Sunday. Although the agenda is subject to Board discretion and change,
the following are guidelines for agenda management: The initial Closed
Session should last about 1.5 hours and hopefully the remainder of the
meetings will be in Open session. Items 1-8 should be completed by the
end of Saturday, and FIDE matters will definitely be addressed on
Saturday afternoon.

1. Closed Session Items.

Open Session

2. Approval of agenda.

3. Approval of Minutes.

4. Report of the Interim ED.

5. FIDE matters.

6. Financial review.

7. Book-and-Equipment Update.

8. US Chess Trust matters and status of Cultural Trust.

9. Chess Life Matters.

10. Scholastic Council report.

11. US Championship Residency Requirements.

12. Computerization issues.

13. USCF Website changes.

14. E-mail marketing.

15. Fischer Matter.

16. Membership Drive.

17. Committee Structure.

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