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Subj: Re: Open letter to USCF re: ICC
Date: 05/23/2001 11:23:24 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:    sleator+@cs.cmu.edu (Danny Sleator)
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Doris Barry wrote:

> Dear Hal, I think the appropriate avenue to address this issue is with George, the Executive Director.
> Discussions concerning the  proposals were held in closed session. Board members are bound by
> confidentiality not to discuss these issues in a public forum. I can appreciate your disappointment that
> the endorsement of the USCF, the official chess organization, can not be used in efforts to raise
> additional venture capital for WCG, World Class Games. I wish you success in your planned purchase 
> of ICC as well as any of your future business endeavors.  Regards, Doris

This note makes a number of misleading statements and implications that I want to correct for the record.

First of all, ICC neither asked for nor participated in attempts to have confidential arrangements with USCF.  ICC believes it is in both organizations' best interest to deal openly and make contracts that can be reviewed fully within both organizations.

Secondly, there is absolutely no connection between the potential investment by WCG in ICC and the ICC's efforts to form a mutually beneficial relationship with the USCF.  The ICC has been making strenuous efforts to work with the USCF since well before WCG even existed.  And the ICC is going to be around regardless of the status of WCG's investment in ICC.  The benefits to ICC and USCF in our proposals will exist regardless of what happens to WCG.

And (as explained in our answers in the May 8 proposal), ICC is an established and profitable business.  This distinguishes us from most dot.coms, such as Games Parlor, who have no profit, and whose survival hinges on the availability of venture capital.

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