In response to my criticism of the Polgar and Truong campaigns, Susan's website has found an unusual way to respond, by putting up "anonymous posts" from alleged "supporters of candidates endorsed by Mr. Goichberg."  Today, Susan has called attention to the following "posts," presumably suggesting they constitute a reason to vote against candidates I support.  

Note that two of the three "posts" associate Sam Sloan with candidates I support.  Of course, I do not support Sam Sloan; I consider him to be the worst of the ten candidates. 

Note also that all three "posts" attack Susan for being an immigrant.  Oh, poor Susan, how she must always fight tooth and nail against the politicians and dirty racist attackers (without, of course, herself being a politician)! 

No one is attacking Susan for being foreign born (where would American chess be without foreign born players?), rather she is being criticized for running a misleading, negative campaign, a campaign without substance, and for concealing significant facts from the voters.  And rather than address these legitimate concerns, she sets up straw men to attack by claiming racist attacks against her where none exist.

Chessplayers are a pretty smart group, and I am confident that most voters will see through the trick of attacking yourself in fake "anonymous posts" in order to gain sympathy.

Following are the "anonymous posts" featured on the Polgar blog.

Here are some of posts by the supporters of candidates endorsed by Mr. Goichberg:

If I was Bill Goichberg, I would ban Susan Polgar from the USCF. We don't need a woman in charge. It would be a tragedy if she and her team win. What does she know about chess politics? Nothing. How can she make deals with people who have been in the system for decades? Does she want to change things because it's 2007? There's nothing wrong with the USCF. Bill Goichberg, Sam Sloan, Joe Channing, Don Schultz, Randy Hough and Beatriz Marinello are great board members. I don't want to see any foreigner running this federation. This is my country. I'm proud to serve my country and send those immigrants back to where they came from. The USCF needs people like Stephen Jones, Joe Lux, Don Schultz, Mike Goodall, Sam Sloan and Jim Berry. They're born and raise in the USA and they know how things work.

Friday, June 01, 2007 3:52:00 PM

Reelect Don Schultz, Sam Sloan along with Joe Lux and Stephen Jones! We don't need any foreigner running the USCF. They should go back to to where they came from.The USCF was fine before she got here and it will be fine after. No changes are needed.

Friday, June 01, 2007 1:36:00 PM

Go back to where you came from. Leave this board and the USCF alone. We don't need a Hungarian running the show.

Friday, June 01, 2007 1:40:00 PM