by James F. Sennett

To all readers:

Richard Crespo's post of February 12, stating that the Louisiana Chess Association will not renew its membership in USCF if the present course continues, does not, to my knowledge, represent any official stand taken by the LCA. Neither does his pronouncement that the Louisiana State Scholastic Tournament will not be a USCF rated tournament after this year. Richard has some serious conflicts with USCF, and I do not doubt that they are justified. He is a fine man and an enthusiastic sponsor of OTB and scholastic chess in this part of the country. Nonetheless, in this case he has not spoken *AS* president of the LCA, but rather simply as a concerned USCF member and tournament director. To my knowledge, the membership of LCA is in general content to remain affiliated with USCF for the foreseeable future.

James F. Sennett

President, Lake Charles (LA)Chess Club

Secretary, Calcasieu Scholastic Chess League

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