Peter Tamburro has endorsed Frank Brady for the USCF Executive Board in a mailing to electors.

Peter J. Tamburro, Jr.
22 Budd Street
Morristown, NJ 07960

Dear USCF Voter,
            I have never written a letter supporting anyone for USCF office and have tried very hard to stay clear of being identified with any political faction. Being from New Jersey, that is not an easy task. Simply as an individual this time, not representing anyone but myself, I ask you to consider what I have to say.
            There is no question that these are crucial times for the USCF. We had them before, but these particular circumstances require very capable people—a team of people with expertise on finance and technology and business. Several of my more politically active colleagues from NJ have relentlessly reminded me of this. And, frankly, it’s hard to argue with that. And I don’t. Heck, we have to run a business here! However, even they concede that those should not be the only types of people on the board. According to them, we can afford ONE!
            You have a special opportunity to elect such a ONE that will bring another type of quality to the board that we can ill afford to have absent.
            You can elect a person who is internationally known as an author in chess and in the “real” world, an international arbiter (who recently organized an international tournament at St. Johns in NYC), a former business manager of the USCF, a former editor of Chess Life, a founder of the best chess magazine ever published and –truly indicative of his personal wizardry—one of the few people Bobby Fischer ever trusted: Dr. Frank Brady.
            It has been my good fortune to know Frank for almost thirty years when he helped Glenn Petersen and me with the first Atlantic Chess News. In recent years he and I have worked on the Cramer Committee, with its diverse group of opinions.
            For those of you familiar with the “L’Affaire Cramer”hullabaloo this past years (recounted in The Chess Journalist), it might interest you to know that everything was resolved, and it is all back together again thanks in large part to the fine character of Frank Brady. Such a person would be an asset to what might well be a divisive board.
            For those of you who wish to know him better, go the CJA website, www.correspondencechess.com/cja for my interview with him and get to know the man and his history and his love for chess.
            Frank brings no baggage, owes no favors. He has demonstrated deep an abiding love for the royal game and has even risked his personal well-being to bring quality to chess.
            Yes, let the bean counters and technology types onto the board, but let's not leave someone off who is truly in harmony with the soul of the game.

                                                                                    Thankyou for your consideration,
                                                                                    PeterJ. Tamburro, Jr.

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