Miami,September 19, 2001

For immediate release. For more information, please contact
Executive Director Al Lawrence.

World Chess Hall of Fame &
Sidney Samole Museum
Dinner & Special Events Postponed
—Museum itself to open October 4—

Out of respect and deepest sympathies for the innocent lives taken in the recent terrorist attacks and out of concern for the safety of travelers to our grand opening events, the World Chess Hall of Fame & Sidney Samole Museum in Miami has postponed the special events scheduled in celebration of its grand opening.

The Museum itself, however, will offer special Charter Member tours on October 4 and 5, ahead of schedule, for the convenience of those who continue to plan a trip based on the initial agenda. The Museum will be open to the general public on October 6, as previously announced. (Some displays may not be fully ready, due to recent events.) We emphasize, however, that all ceremonies and tours will be rescheduled for a future date, so that travel at this time is not necessary and not recommended.

The planned festivities will be rescheduled. Currently, we are considering dates in December. Please check our website, given below, for new dates for the Annual Induction and Grand Opening Dinner, Sidney Samole Memorial Golf Tournament, VIP tours and ribbon-cutting activities.

We regret the necessity of this postponement and the inconvenience it causes.

Please contact Executive Director Al Lawrence for information and updates:
Telephone: 786-242-HALL (4255)
World Chess Hall of Fame & Sidney Samole Museum website: homepage