Although we are not aware of an official announcement yet by USCF Secretary Doris Barry of the final list of nominees for the USCF Executive Board, ten candidates have been certified, and it appears likely that this will be the total number on the ballot for this year's election.  Four seats on the EB are at stake.

In alphabetical order, the candidates are:

Frank Brady of New York, former Chess Life editor and USCF Business Manager, and Chairman of the Communications Department at St. John's University.  He has not previously run for the Executive Board.

Frank Camaratta of Alabama, formerly USCF Treasurer and USCF Vice President.  He has run for the Board three times in the past, being elected twice.

Bruce Draney of Nebraska, former President of the Nebraska State Chess Association.  This will be his first campaign for the Executive Board.

Bob Holliman of Missouri.  This will be his third try for the Executive Board after failing to be elected in 1996 and 1999.

George John of Texas, Chairman of the USCF Internet Committee.  He has not previously run for the Executive Board.

De Knudson of South Dakota, organizer of the annual Governor's Cup tournament and the 1999 National High School Championship.  This is the first time she has run for the Board.

John McCrary of South Carolina, currently USCF Vice President.  He has run for the Board twice and been elected once.

Jim Pechac of Ohio, currently USCF VP for Finance.  This will be his second Board campaign.

Steve Shutt of Pennsylvania, Co-Chair of the USCF Scholastic Committee and a prominent chess coach.  He has not run for the Board before.

Sam Sloan of New York, who initiated an apparently unsuccessful attempt  to recall four Board members over two months ago.  He has run for the Board three times, placing last among 16 candidates in 1999 and obtaining little electoral support in 1997 and 1996. 

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