In response to its financial problems, USCF today let go 17 employees, by far its largest staff reduction in history and almost 40% of its staff.  Among those dropped were Chess Life Editor Peter Kurzdorfer, Director of Publications Jami Anson, and Director of Scholastic Programs & National Events Tom Brownscombe.

USCF's new Chief Operating Officer, Mike Nolan, has resigned after only about a week on the job.  Nolan is believed to have disagreed with making such huge cuts, but also had a personal emergency (his house in Nebraska was seriously damaged in a storm).

CPA Grant Perks, a chess organizer and TD from Ohio, is believed on his way to New Windsor to serve as the new Chief Financial Officer.  It is not yet clear whether he will be the top employee in the office or if there will also be a COO or Executive Director. homepage