USCF members aged 16 and over have recently started to receive the July issue of Chess Life, containing the final candidate statements for this year's Executive Board election and the ballots.

There is apparently a problem with the ballots.   The envelope provided for their mailing states, "Affix 37 cent postage stamp here," but due to the ratio of length to width of the envelope, some post offices are requiring an additional 12 cents postage, a total of 49 cents.  Other post offices are apparently unaware of the 12 cent surcharge requirement and are saying that 37 cents postage is acceptable. 

We do not yet have a good idea how many ballots with 37 cents postage will be returned to sender, how many will be delivered with 12 cents postage due, and how many will be delivered as intended without postage due.  Ballots postmarked after July 7 or received after July 17 will not be counted, but I believe that ballots should count if returned to sender, remailed with proper postage After July 7, and received by July 17, if such remailing includes the original postmark no later than July 7.

In any event, all members are urged to place 49 cents postage on their ballot envelopes. homepage