I have submitted three ADMs.  I welcome the chance to post them on your website, and encourage potential co-sponsors to contact me and/or the USCF secretary.

Please retain the "odd" numbering, as I have also submitted seven ADMs on behalf of others.


Eric C. Johnson
Delegate, Pa.

    8. (Sponsor:  Eric C. Johnson, Pa.)

        ADM: The delegates  endorse the nomination and induction of Anthony E. Santasiere into the U.S. Chess Hall of Fame, citing his accomplishments as a player, writer, and overall chess celebrity during the founding years of the U.S. Chess Federation. 

(Note: This ADM gives the delegate body the chance to express support for Santasiere's candidacy -- it does not actually place him in the Hall of Fame.  I have nominated Santasiere for several seasons, and he always gets high marks from the Hall of Fame Committee; however, they have opted to go with living candidates in some years, and decidedly academic/arcane choices (e.g., Benjamin Franklin) in others.  The ADM asks the delegates to endorse the Santasiere nomination, as he was a real flesh and blood chess celebrity during the foundation years of the USCF, as visible then as GM Soltis, GM Mednis, GM Evans and GM Benko are today in the pages of CL.)

    9. (Sponsor:  Eric C. Johnson, Pa.)

        ADM: The delegates hereby instruct the office to immediately make available copies of the recently concluded contract with Games Parlor, such that every delegate at this meeting shall be provided a paper copy of the agreement prior to the end of this meeting.

(Note:  The delegates already have the right to see contracts.  The EB, however, has voiced concerns over the disclosure of the terms of this particular one, and the President has suggested that the EB is consulting legal counsel on the matter.  This ADM simply informs the office that it needs to have copies on hand in Framingham, and that a significant number of delegates will want to see them.  The ADM is needed only if the EB chooses not to release the information -- an unfortunate, but likely, scenario.)

Editor's note:  The Games Parlor contract is now online at

    10. (Sponsor:  Eric C. Johnson, Pa)

        ADM:  The delegates hereby affirm the principle that TLAs comprise a vital and intrinsic part of the content of the printed version of Chess Life.  The office is hereby instructed to take active measures to solicit and print as many TLAs as possible in each issue, after first establishing sustainable price levels for this service by working through appropriate governance channels .  The delegates explicitly renounce and forbid any announced office strategy or plan     that would include the diminution, elimination or discouragement of paid TLAs in printed form, including but not limited to proposals based on the aesthetics of Chess Life or its attractiveness to unnamed sponsors or advertisers.  The delegates hereby affirm that Chess Life's priority mission is to communicate organizational news to all USCF members, including news about upcoming local USCF-rated events.

(Note:  In the transcripts of official USCF business meetings, the office has expressed the view that TLAs are "subsidized" and that they detract from the potential revenue-drawing power of Chess Life -- in other words, that the federation is better off not printing them at any price!  The ADM is silent on price (i.e.., it is compatible with any other ADM on pricing plans), but instructs the office to quickly reorganize its attitude on the issue of TLAs.  The office should be soliciting MORE, not fewer, TLAs, and do so at a sustainable price.  Arguments based on the aesthetics of CL pages or the "difficulties" in hiring/retaining a clerk to type TLA copy are not very plausible, yet have been advanced in official meetings.  Personally, I am very upset that an ADM is needed to address "office attitude" on this important subject.)

The editor will be glad to enthusiastically cosponsor this one. homepage