USCF President Tim Redman has filed a complaint with the USCF Ethics Committee against Sam Sloan, organizer of a petition drive to recall Mr. Redman and three other Executive Board members, Jim Pechac, Doris Barry and Helen Warren.  

Ethics Complaint Against Mr. Sam Sloan by Tim Redman, USCF President.

In a January mailing to more than five hundred Delegates and Alternate Delegates of the U.S. Chess Federation, a copy of which that was also posted on the internet to, Mr. Sam Sloan, a USCF member, chess journalist, and Alternate Delegate stated:

". . . US CHESSLIVE software is infected with spyware. It installs spyware into your system, enabling the operators to read your entire hard drive, including your credit card numbers, your bank account passwords and the like."

This willful, untruthful, and irresponsible statement damages the U.S. Chess Federation and its on-line corporate partner, GamesParlor, Inc. A clear and factual explanation of our US ChessLive advertising network, Conducent, prepared by Joel Berez, Chairman and CEO of GamesParlor, has been available for some time now on the USCF web site. Mr. Sloan ignored these clear factual statements when making his reckless and harmful public mailing and posting. On behalf of the Federation, as its President, I am asking the USCF Ethics Committee to investigate this complaint and take appropriate action under its Code.

I served as Chair of the Ethics Committee some years ago, but I am no longer completely familiar with its procedures. The basis of my complaint, however, is succinctly put in Exodus 20,16.

February 9, 2001

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