Subj: July 12- what could be the downside?
Date: 06/20/2001 6:34:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Recmate
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From: pistola
> Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 11:55:41 -0600
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> Subject: Change in Alternate Delegate for Connetcut and the ballots .

>To all candidates,

>During the last month my position as secretary has required that I spend
>1000's of hours preparing for the Delegates Meeting. All of these reports
>had to be ready for the Delegates Call so basically everything had to be
>done at the same time.

>I was responsible for preparing a list of current delegates and alternate
>delegates for 2001. This involved hours of interaction with the office and
>individuals in the State Organization making sure that vacancies were filled
>and corrections were made.

>I also had to prepare a report of actions between meetings that involved the
>minutes of the last Board Meeting in KS and included commentary for the
>various discussions during the meeting. In order to prepare this report, I
>had to read through the transcripts of three days of meetings.

>Next, I had to collect ADM's and prepare the agenda for the delegates
>meeting a total of 115 motions. I managed to keep up to date until the last
>two days when I was bombarded with motions from Bill Goichberg.  18 pages of
>motions were faxed  the last day by Harold Winston, he does not have e-mail,
>that I had to type them.

>I also had to reply to hundreds of e-mails and contact by phone the makers
>of motions about questions or corrections.

>About a hundred changes, corrections and additions were requested after the
>president circulated a draft of the agenda.
>This resulted in a multitude of e-mails and demands from Bill Goichberg.

Doris, My "demands" consisted mostly of pointing out that the motions I submitted had either been improperly altered, inappropriately placed, or left out altogether.

>There were an additional multitude of changes suggested by Harold Winston
>and Mike Nolan . I prepared a total of 6 drafts of the agenda. In addition,
>the Board gave Tim Redman the authority to order the agenda. This resulted
>in hours of proof reading to make sure no ADM was missed . In addition I had
>to consult repeatedly with the president about agenda issues.  I worked for
>a week and a half until 2 AM on the Agenda alone.

>Now I have to prepare the minutes and the transcript of the conference the
>Board held on June 3rd. Bill wanted to know why the motions from the
>conference call weren't posted.

I never said anything about motions from the conference call.  Perhaps you are confusing me with someone else.

>After I complete the conference call , I can work on the ballots.

>Goichberg, Hanken, Camaratta, McCrary, Smythe have attempted to intimidate
>me with charges that I may or could give advance notice to my preferred

>I have not and I will not.

And how do we know that?  I attended a Board meeting at which you tried to have an imaginary 8-0 vote inserted into the minutes of the previous meeting, for a motion that did not appear in the transcripts and clearly was never made.  Sorry, but your word isn't enough.  

To remove all suspicion of impropriety, why don't you just announce that the ballots will be mailed July 12, the last possible date under the Bylaws?  As I asked in my last email, without a reply, what could the downside possibly be?

>As soon as I can devote my time to the mailing of the ballots, I will notify
>all the candidates of the ballot mailing date.

By then it will be too late to plan mailings or travel.  It's very late already.  Why not announce July 12 now?  This date maximizes the time you will have to do other work first.  What could be the downside?

>My responsibilities do not include meeting every demand, no matter how
>unreasonable, of an individual organizer who can be accused of attempting to
>safeguard his source of revenue by influencing delegates to vote for
>candidates that he perceives are favorable to his positions.

After this partisan attack, you expect me to trust that you will not give special notice to favored candidates?

>Please remember I am a  volunteer, I don't get paid for any of the time I
>work for chess.

That does not justify misusing your office to conduct the election in a partisan way.  Rachel had an even greater workload, as she did not have the President handling the agenda for her.  Yet she had no trouble announcing a ballot mailing date over a month in advance.  She was concerned with assuring all candidates that they were treated equally.  Apparently you are not.  

You can easily announce July 12 right now.  There is no way such an announcement will interfere with your work, because the date can't be any later.  Indeed, it will help you get your work done if you make such an announcement, because this controversy will disappear.

Bill Goichberg

>Please note your mailing list with the following change in the Connecticut
>List of Alternate Delegates. Replace James Celone  with Fred Townsend lll
>100 Wells St, Apt 908  Hartford, CT 06103

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