The USCF Executive Board today voted to return to the Tournament Life Announcement structure which existed prior to the large increases that took effect in January 2001.  Effective with the January 2002 issue of Chess Life, fees will return to $2 per line for lines 1-6, $3 per line for lines 7-24, and $4 per line for lines 25 and up.  The only change from the pre-2001 policies will be that there will be a surcharge of $1 per line for TLAs not submitted electronically.

The vote to return to USCF's previous TLA structure was 5-2, with McCrary, Shutt, Camaratta, Smith and Brady in favor and Barry and Warren opposed.

A more complex proposal recommended by the Affiliate and Membership Growth Committees was not seriously considered due largely to objections by Executive Director George De Feis to the proposed method of charging, in effect, the higher of the TLA fee or the rating fee. homepage