by Steve Shutt

Dear Friends of Chess,

I have just learned that a chess legend has passed away. John Collins died early this morning in his
sleep in his New York City nursing home. He had been doing quite well recently and in fact played a number of chess games with friends, yesterday. I traveled as a chaperone with Jack and his Collins Kids many times.  My players competed both with and against his youngsters in a number of matches including four trips to Iceland. Our first competition was in Asbury Park in 1976. His kids and my kids played to a tie, but the friendships that developed were permanent. Everyone loved and respected Jack. His home was always open and his warmth and generosity were well known. He provided a solid support system for many aspiring young, talented players. In a day when many chess players are criticized for being inconsiderate or aloof, Jack proved you could be both competitive and a gentleman.  As a player, teacher, organizer, counselor, and friend, Jack cast a giant shadow. The chess world is a little dimmer now. One of its brightest lights has gone out I, for one, will surely miss him.

                                                                                          Steve Shutt

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