USCF President John McCrary has announced the following details of a special election to fill the remaining year of the EB terms of Helen Warren and Doris Barry, who recently announced their resignations.


There are currently two vacancies on the USCF Executive Board. A special election will be held to fill those vacancies for the remainder of the unexpired terms. The terms of the candidates who are elected will expire at the end of the Delegates' Meeting in August 2003.  Voting will occur by secret ballot of USCF Delegates and Alternate Delegates this summer, with votes to be counted shortly before the 2002 Delegates' Meeting at the US Open.

Any USCF member may be nominated for the Executive Board special election by submitting a nominating petition to the USCF Secretary no later than April 1, 2002. USCF employees are not eligible for election. The petitions must include the signatures of thirty or more USCF Voting Members whose memberships are current at least through July 31, 2002. A USCF Voting
Member for this election is defined as any USCF member who resides in the USA, is at least 18 years of age on May 31, 2002, and is in a membership category that receives Chess Life or is a Family Member.

Petitions may be submitted by fax to meet the deadline, but must be confirmed by original hard copy. Please submit nominating petitions to Bob Smith,  USCF Secretary, PO Box 5772, Lighthouse Point, FL 33074.   Fax#: 954-941-7710.

A second USCF announcement of a more routine nature calls attention to the election of USCF delegates by the membership.

The second announcement reads as follows:


Any USCF member may be nominated as a candidate for USCF Delegate from the state in which he or she resides. The election for Delegates will occur in the summer of 2002. Members may be nominated for Delegate from the state in which they reside by either submission of a nomination from the official State Chapter to the USCF Secretary postmarked on or before
February 1, 2002, or by submission of a petition bearing the signatures of 10 USCF members who are residents of their state postmarked on or before April 1, 2002. All nominations must have the consent of the nominee, shown either by his signing the petition or by his notifying the USCF Secretary of willingness to serve. All nominations must also include an indication by the nominee whether he would be willing to attend the Annual Meeting of the Board of Delegates at the US Open in August. Nominating petitions must be sent to  Bob Smith, USCF Secretary, PO Box 5772, Lighthouse Point, FL 33074.  Petitions may be faxed to 954-941-7710, but must be followed by original hard copy.

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