USCF Secretary Doris Barry has announced that the ballots for the Executive Board election will be mailed on July 2, the earliest possible date permitted under the Bylaws.

From: pistola <>
To: Steve Gaa <>; Laura Martz <>;
Robert McCrary <>; Robert McCrary
<RJM19@BRYPH.DMH.STATE.SC.US>; John McCrary <>;
Holliman, Bob <>; George C John <>; Frank
Camaratta <>; Bruce Draney <>;
Brady Frank <>; Jim Pechac <>; Sam Sloan
<>; Stephen Shutt <>; De Knudson
Cc: USCF <>
Date: Friday, June 22, 2001 8:09 PM
Subject: Mailing of 2001 election ballots.

>Attention please,
>I have been able to finish most of the conference call transcript. I expect
>to complete it over the weekend  That will enable me to work exclusivly on
>the election process. I expect to be able to mail the ballots on July 2,
>200l. That will give all the voting members as much time as possible to
>complete and mail in their ballots.
>Thank you all for your patience and please excuse my lack of experience in
>some matters.
>One of my projects in the next two years will be to write a set of
>Laura and Steve. As soon as Possible,  Please put a notice on the website
>with the date of July 2 for the mailing of the ballots.   Thanks  Doris homepage