At a meeting of NYSCA directors in New York on June 9 and another of New England electors in Boston June 10, both consisting primarily of USCF Delegates and Alternate Delegates, most or all voters present signed a petition expressing opposition to recent cutbacks in USCF's sales program and the possibility that the federation might sign a contract to outsource this program without delegate approval.  The petition and those signing follow.

The undersigned protest the decision by the Executive Board to drastically reduce the number of items offered for sale in USCF's book and equipment sales program.  This action damages a longtime membership benefit which has been one of the federation's most significant revenue sources, and should not have been enacted without the approval of the Board of Delegates.

We further express our opinion that it would be an outrageous misuse of power for the Executive Board or Executive Director to sign a contract to outsource the USCF sales program without consulting the Board of Delegates, which meets at Framingham in two months.

Joel Benjamin
Phyllis Benjamin
Frank Brady
Frank Camaratta
Christopher Camacho
Michael Cavallo
Donald Colbert
Kevin Coyle
Stephen Dann
Harold Dondis
Joseph Felber
Edward Frumkin
Bill Goichberg
Brenda Goichberg
Carrie Goldstein
Burt Hochberg
William Kelleher
William MacLellan
Edmar Mednis
James Mennella
Martin Merado
Howard Prince
Robert Rizzo
Don Schultz
Peter Sherwood
Steve Shutt
Harold Stenzel
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