The report of the US Chesslive Subcommittee of the USCF Internet Committee, released today, concludes that the Conducent software included with USCL Client software "does not pose a greater risk to having credit card numbers, passwords, etc. stolen than any Internet connection would without that software."

There has been considerable concern, promoted especially by Sam Sloan in his letter to USCF Delegates and Alternates calling for the recall of four USCF Executive Board members and in his online posts, that the Conducent software might be "spyware" capable of learning the confidential personal data of US Chesslive users.  Sloan has repeatedly referred to USCL software as "spyware."  The Subcommittee report, written by chairman Myron Lieberman, suggests that while Conducent software ordinarily does contain a file that many consider to be objectionable "spyware," this file is not present in USCL software because Games Parlor, the company operating USCL, objected to its use.

The Subcommittee report also deals with the issues of USCL registration and online cheating.  The complete report is available on the USCF website. homepage