The deadline for nominations closed yesterday, and there are six certified candidates for the USCF Executive Board.  All USCF members age 16 and over are eligible to vote this year in the first OMOV (One Member One Vote) Election in USCF history.  In the past, only a group of about 500 Delegates and Alternate Delegates were allowed to vote.

The six candidates are:

Tim Hanke of Massachusetts, a USCF Expert.

Beatriz Marinello of New York, an International Woman Master and former USCF Scholastic Director.

Mikel Petersen of Florida, a USCF Master and former President of the Florida Chess Association.

Don Schultz of Florida, a former USCF President.

Sam Sloan of New York, who has been a candidate in the past five Executive Board elections.

Dr. Joseph Wagner of Southern California, an incumbent Executive Board member. homepage