The final day of the Executive Board meeting once again consisted mostly of "closed session" confidential items.  A second vendor bidding to operate book and equipment sales for USCF made a presentation, the first such having occurred yesterday.  It appears likely that one of these offers will be accepted, as the federation lacks the funds to properly restock its inventory.

One open session item of interest was a proposal by VP of Finance Frank Camaratta for the Board to endorse an increase in scholastic and youth dues.  Such an increase could not be enacted by the Board, only by the Delegates.

Saying that USCF was losing money on these membership classes, Camaratta suggested setting the scholastic rate at half the regular dues rate ($20) and the youth rate at the scholastic rate plus $5, or $25.  He also proposed a young adult rate of $33 for ages 20-24.  In 2000, the Delegates agreed that the scholastic rate would be one-third of the regular rate and the youth rate one-half.

A motion on the floor would have endorsed these increases, while referring the issue to the Scholastic Committee and the Finance Committee for input.  USCF Vice President and scholastic leader Steve Shutt objected that the Board should not take a position prior to receiving the requested input, and moved to substitute a motion to refer without endorsement.  This passed 4-3, with McCrary, Smith and Brady joining Shutt in favor and Camaratta, Warren and Barry opposed.  After further discussion, Bob Smith moved to table the motion, which was tabled on an identical 4-3 vote. 

Shutt then stated that despite the lack of a motion to refer, he would contact scholastic leaders, explain that USCF had serious financial problems, and ask if they could support any changes that would help. 

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