Frank Niro, the Executive Director of the USCF, was hospitalized with
an apparent heart attack on February 4. Initial indications are that the
blood clot that was involved has been successfully treated, and that the
prognosis for full recovery appears good. However, further diagnostic
tests are being done to determine if there are additional blockages or
other problems. Should those tests indicate a need for more treatment,
then of course any indicated further procedures would be performed. He
is being transferred to another hospital for the purpose of performing
these additional diagnostic tests. 

Frank feels much better and has been able to receive limited visitors.
He is aware of the many expressions of concern and is very appreciative
of them. He is eager to return to work and optimistic that he can do so
on at least a part-time basis very soon.

We will provide additional updates as indicated.

 (Signed) John McCrary, USCF President homepage