Often during debates regarding USCF election processes, the argument is heard that the federation needs new faces, especially people who are unusually distinguished in their business or profession.  However, rarely do federation elections attract that type of "new blood."  One exception to this trend was the late Fan Adams.  Another is Frank Brady.

Even though Brady worked for the federation more than 40 years ago and was the founding Editor of Chess Life magazine, and is a FIDE arbiter who has directed many major tournaments, I see him as a new face, as he has never before been involved in USCF governance.  And his credentials are truly outstanding, both in and out of the chess world.

He is Chairman of the Communications Department at a major university, St. John's, overseeing a multi-million dollar budget, 37 faculty, and 700 students.  With the exception of Frank Camaratta, no other EB candidate comes close to Brady in managerial experience, and St. John's, like USCF, is a non-profit organization.

And Brady's career credentials do not stop there.  He is a writer, editor and publisher of international renown.  He wrote one of the best selling chessbooks in history, Profile of a Prodigy, the biography of Bobby Fischer, as well as countless other books and articles on chess and other subjects.  He has been involved with radio and film chess projects.  USCF urgently needs better publicity for its activities, and Brady has expertise and connections that should be helpful in this critical area.

Let's give Frank Brady a chance to use his knowledge, ability and contacts for the benefit of USCF! homepage