The USCF Executive Board election is down to its final week.  Ballots received after Tuesday, July 19 will not be counted, and tabulation is scheduled to begin July 20.

Those that have not voted yet should do so immediately, as mail to New York from much of the U.S. often takes 3 to 6 days.  From most areas, ballots mailed Monday, July 18 will not arrive in time unless sent by Express Mail, and it is unclear whether those mailed Saturday, July 16 will get there in time or not.  Those mailed Friday, July 15 and Thursday, July 14 should most likely make it in time, but this is hardly certain, especially if mailed from the west.

For information regarding election candidates and issues, see www.checkmate.us.  If you support me, I hope you will also vote for Joel Channing, Robert Tanner, and IM Greg Shahade.

Bill Goichberg
Editor, chessnews.org