Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan has urged the USCF Executive Board to replace its FIDE representatives, FIDE Vice President Steve Doyle, Delegate Bill Kelleher, and Zonal President Jim Eade. 

Seirawan's views may be especially influential, as he has been successful in bringing about the World Championship reunification plan and in finding sponsorship for the U.S. Championship.

Subj: E. S. Doyle and US FIDE Team 
Date: 08/14/2002 7:58:47 PM Eastern Daylight Time
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Dear Bob and John,

It has come to my attention that the USCF Executive Board has been
considering a thorough overhaul of its FIDE representatives and its FIDE
policies.  I'm elated by this news and I do hope that the USCF Executive
Board will, at long last, act!

A year or two ago, when Bob was the USCF President, I was a stern critic of
E. S. Doyle and his role as America's representative in FIDE.  At that
time, I presented to Bob a number of messages from FIDE Delegates who
agreed that E. S. Doyle was totally unfit for his post.  I offered to Bob
the opportunity of presenting a dozen, or more, signed affidavits from
highly respected FIDE Delegates, willingly to go on record, in order to
have E. S. Doyle removed from his post.  Without questioning the validity
of their complaints, or my own, Bob asked me to stop my campaign.
Respecting the position of the USCF President, I accepted his rebuke and
stopped my efforts.  I was completely confident that in time the truth
about E. S. Doyle's character would become known and that the powers that
be would then act accordingly.

Below is a message from Einar S. Einarsson an Icelandic chess organizer and
FIDE representative.  Long time chess friends will remember Einar for
having staged the highly successful Icelandic VISA Summit Match which
featured four teams of all-stars including a US Team.  Similarly, as the
VISA card representative in Iceland, Einar has assisted in dozens of
Icelandic chess events over the decades for which he has gained a sterling
reputation for honesty and good deeds.  I have not solicited Einar in any
way for such a message.  Indeed, I have enough such messages already!  His
message, like all the others, speaks for itself.

In my view, the USCF needs to remove all three members of the US FIDE Team.
We need to make a fresh start in our business dealings with FIDE and we
need new persons if the US is to regain the credibility or respect which
has been so sorely lacking.  This year is a FIDE election year and there is
no better time for the USCF to clean house.  Let us do our best to make
amends for the last seven years and bring in new leaders.  Please!

Less my message be misinterpreted -- as is so often the case -- I am NOT
seeking any position within FIDE nor do I wish to be a USCF representative
in FIDE.  To be absolutely clear, I would not accept an appointment to
replace any of our team.  There are many really good, sincere, forthright
and honest persons who would do an excellent job given the chance.
Unfortunately, in my view, our current team is doing a terrible job and
they simply must go.

I truly do hope that the USCF Executive Board will ask the current team to
step down and replace them as quickly as possible.  If it does not act, it
can only mean that the USCF Executive Board is satisfied with the current
FIDE team and actually supports(?) them and the work(?) that they have
done.  In short, the USCF Executive Board will be deliberately blind to
messages like Einar's and my own.  Let's do our utmost to restore American
values to FIDE and revitalize that organization.

Kind Regards,


PS:  Just as in the past, I'm copying E. S. Doyle on messages where I've
criticized him.  I'm also copying W. Kelleher, I'm not copying Jim Eade as
I don't have his e-mail address and would appreciate it if this message
would be forwarded to him.

I'm also copying Don Schultz so that he may copy this message to the FIDE
Advisory Committee and to Sam Sloan that he may give it a wider

I'm also copying it to FIDE's offices that it may be forwarded to the FIDE
President that he too will understand the deep discontent which exists.

I would pledge to actively support a new USCF team for FIDE posts.
Conversely, if the USCF Executive Board decides to support the current team
I will continue to refuse to have anything to do with them and their work.

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From: Einar S. Einarsson (by way of Sam Sloan <>)
Sent: Wednesday, August 14, 2002 1:48 PM
Subject: [fide-chess] Steve Doyle

I for one can confirm that I as many others lost all faith in Steve Doyle
when he deceived his team, left and ruined our ticket in Yerevan along with
Tabbane of Tunisia and Omuku Nikeria and therefore made it possible for
Ilyumzhinov to run at the last moment as he had not produced any ticket in
time. Furthermore I worked with Doyle and Gelfer on Fide verification
commission over Campomanes and Macropolous "exgatia payments" in Paris
1995, when the report got lost but Steve was supposed to forwarded to the Fide
Congress staff. Furthermore he had lost its content when he addressed the
Congress. But the latent reason did't become clear until a year later when
he double-crossed us and accepted to join Kirsan as one of his useful
innocents. Mr. Doyle's reputation is not worth a dime. On the otherhand David
Jarret's position has always remained as a a mystery to me.
Has he really the backing of the British Chess Federation ?

Sunye Neto Presidential ticket for the 1996 FIDE election in Yerevan

    Jaime Sunye Neto (Brasil)            President
    Einar S. Einarsson (Iceland)            Deputy President
    Noureddine Tabbane (Tunisia)            Deputy President
    Egon Ditt (Germany)                Vice-President
    Steven Doyle (U.S.A.)                Vice-President
    Andrei Makarov (Russia)                Vice-President
    Emmanuel Omuku (Nigeria)            General Secretary
    Gunther Loewenthal (Netherlands)        Treasurer

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