Recent developments regarding USCF book and equipment sales appear to be a further indication that USCF Interim ED Frank Niro and the new Executive Board are beginning to reverse the federation's decline.

USCF's severely depleted book and equipment inventory has been substantially rebuilt, with spectacular results at recent national tournaments.  This past weekend's National High School Championship in Milwaukee drew 1430 players, a similar turnout to the December 2001 National K-12 Grade Championships in Dallas, the last national event held before Niro took control of the office from George De Feis.  In contrast to the December event in which parents and coaches were eager to buy holiday gifts and USCF had little to offer, the Milwaukee tournament had outstanding sales of $40,500, well over double the Dallas sales figures.

This fine showing comes on the heels of a record-setting USCF sales concession at the National Open in Las Vegas in March- $50,000 in sales or over $70 per player, a new record.

Niro also report that the Milwaukee tournament showed a profit to USCF of about $30,000, not including the sales concession.   The new Board took office in August with the federation already some $160,000 in the hole for the fiscal year, but it now seems likely that the final defecit for the year will be far less than that figure. homepage