We have heard the very sad news that Grandmaster Anthony Miles, the first British GM in history and long one of the world's leading players, has died at the age of 46.   According to a report by This Week in Chess, Miles suffered from diabetes, and was found dead in his bed in his native Birmingham, England yesterday morning.

Miles was a frequent competitor in American tournaments, tying for first in the 1979, 1980, and 1989 World Opens.  He also tied for first in the 1999 Continental Open in Los Angeles with GMs Beljavski, Atalik and Ftacnik, and ahead of 10 other GMs.  In 2000 he tied for 5th in the Chicago Open.  

Miles' style was enterprising and often original.  Against World Champion Karpov in 1980, he replied to 1. e4 with 1 ...a6, and won!  He was outspoken, and involved in some disputes with players and organizers in England, but I remember him as a perfect gentleman, recalling not a single complaint from or about him in his many CCA events.  It was always a pleasure to have the honor of having Tony compete in my tournaments, and I will be among many who will miss him. homepage