As OMOV Committee Chair, I reported the following to the Committee today:

As I have mentioned previously, our committee was believed to lack official status this year, because no motion was made at St. Paul to renew it as a Delegate appointed committee.  Such a motion was made at the 1999 meeting and passed by a wide margin.

While we are not a Delegate appointed committee this year, the Board did name Joe Ippolito to be our EB liaison, suggesting that we may be a Board appointed committee.  But the office refused my request to schedule a workshop, and Mike Nolan concluded that we apparently lack committee status.

In an attempt to provide appropriate status for a committee which has had extensive public discussions and has submitted two ADMs, Joe Ippolito moved at an EB conference call held two days ago that the OMOV Committee be officially recognized  as a Board committee.  This motion was defeated by a vote of 3-4, with Ippolito, McCrary and Smith in favor and Redman, Pechac, Barry and Warren opposed.

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