Lausanne, 9 January 2001


At the instance of the Court of Arbitration for Sport at its hearing of the case of Karpov vs. FIDE, on Tuesday, 9 January 2001, an agreement was reached by both parties to withdraw their respective claims.

The terms which formed the basis of the Arbitration award by the three-man Arbitration Panel chaired by Mr. Jan Paulsson, were as follows:

1. "In the interest of chess, the parties unreservedly agree to withdraw all claims and counterclaims made in this arbitration with prejudice.

2. Both parties acknowledge the effectiveness of the decision of FIDE to change the World Championship cycle from a two-year to a single year.

3. Mr. Anatoly Karpov has no objection, and undertakes not to object, to FIDE's conferring of its World Championship title to Alexander Khalifman in 1999 and Viswanathan Anand in 2000.

4. Both FIDE and its officials and Mr. Anatoly Karpov undertake to cease all forms of criticism against each other through any medium, including but not limited to print and electronic media, in respect of any of the allegations or claims made in this arbitration.

5. In the interest of goodwill and in order to correct the misunderstanding arising out of the agreement which led to this dispute, FIDE shall make a single payment to Mr. Anatoly Karpov of US$ 50, 000 (fifty thousand United States dollars) within 14 days of the date of this Consent Award.

6. Each party shall bear its own expenses, and will share equally the costs of CAS."

Emmanuel Omuku

Executive Director