by Herman Drenth

It is with great sadness that I must announce the passing of Ernest Marx.  Ernest was in his mid eighties'. He will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him, a gentle man and an icon at the Dumont Chess Mates.

He was always the first to be at the club and last to leave, He picked up trophies and did all of the necessary things to make the club successful with over 100 members. He had bypass surgery about two weeks ago, when he came out of the operation, the first thing that he told Ilsa, his wife, was to tell us that trophies for our tournament were at his house.

Ernest was also a board member of the New Jersey State Chess Federation. He will be remembered for his many contributions and his wonderful attitude. He and Ilsa always came to all of the state and national tournaments, to walk around and talk with the directors and players. On Labor Day 2001, he came to observe the NJSCF open championship, driving sixty miles with Ilsa at his side, to observe what proved to be his last state tournament. The Chess world has lost a great and wonderful man, He will be sorely missed.

Herm Drenth, President of NJSCF homepage