Subj: Regarding Executive Board Meeting in Kansas City
Date: 05/02/2001 12:14:29 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:    WILLIAMF@ColorFilm.com (WILLIAM FLAMME)
To:    chessorg@aol.com ('chessorg@aol.com')

With the USCF cutting back and maybe eliminating their offering of books,
sets, clocks and the like, where should I go for my supplies now? I'm
actually looking for a wooden set that two of my friends purchased from the
USCF several years ago, but they don't carry it anymore. I've always
purchased everything from the USCF and just don't know where to go now.

William Flamme

Editor's comment:  There are many other vendors you can order from, though I don't wish
to endorse any here.  If you can hold out for a few months until after the August elections, the
destructive cabal now controlling the USCF Executive Board will probably be out of power,
and the federation will once again offer a wide variety of merchandise and be able to use the
proceeds to support worthy chess projects.

What frightens me is that if many players like you switch from USCF to another vendor due
to the federation's limited product line, they may not switch back when USCF re-enters the
marketplace.  The loyalty of customers is a tremendous asset, and one which this Board seems
willing to discard in its mindless rush to shut down as many federation programs as they can
while they still have the votes.

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