Debi Sherry, USCF Advertising Assistant and Tournament Life Announcement manager, was dismissed March 10 for alleged insubordination.  Sherry was charged with refusing to abide to the direction of her supervisor, whom she in turn said was verbally abusive.

I was very disappointed to hear about her termination. Debi is a hard working employee who really cares about affiliates and members, unlike some in the USCF office. There was a great frequency of damaging error in TLAs under her predecessor, and when she took over the job this problem was immediately ended. While she was in charge, the errors dropped to a level as low as I can remember under the many TLA people I have worked with through the years. Also, Debi was one of the few employees who I could call if I had a problem and she would almost always answer the phone, rather than the voice mail and much later (if any) return of call that is so common.

Debi addressed the Executive Board at their meeting in New Windsor today. After some discussion which I did not hear because it was in closed session, the matter is once again up to ED Frank Niro. I am hopeful that Debi will be reinstated. homepage