ADM 01-105 (Bill Goichberg NY) The Board of Delegates, which according to our Bylaws "is responsible for the management of the USCF," expresses dismay at not being consulted about a number of fundamental policy decisions made during the past year. For example:

 1.  An enormous increase in TLA fees was announced in the October issue of Chess Life.  The Delegates should have been consulted about this at St. Paul in August, the month the October issue is typeset.  They were not.

2.  The Executive Board voted to add activity points to the rating system in October, a plan that was eventually rescinded.  This idea was first suggested by the "DDDE Committee" in May, and if the Board was seriously considering it, they should have consulted the Delegates in August. They did not.

3.  The Executive Board voted in January to drastically reduce the variety of books and equipment sold by USCF.  This decision may do irreparable damage to a long established,  profitable and popular membership benefit.  This major policy change should not have been enacted without Delegate approval.

4.  The Games Parlor contract was renewed in May for another two years, even though USCF has lost over $100,000 on US Chess Live with no noticeable effect on membership totals, and the new contract is apparently more favorable for Games Parlor than the old.  The signing of this contract should have been postponed, and the Delegates asked whether they approve of the expensive and thus far unproductive policy of free online play. homepage