The FIDE election ticket opposed to the re-election of the team headed by Kirsan Ilyumzhinov as President has negotiated a withdrawal, making the following agreement with Ilyumzhinov:


1. After discussions and consultations between representatives of the two Presidential tickets now vying for offices at the 2002 FIDE Congress in Bled, we have agreed to submit the following joint proposal to the FIDE General Assembly in Bled.

2. For future elections starting 2006, the Presidential Ticket shall comprise the President, the Deputy President, the Vice President, the General Secretary and the Treasurer. Three additional offices of Vice Presidents shall be individually elected. This does not preclude the elected President`s prerogative to nominate not more than two Vice Presidents as contained in the statutes.

3. For this year`s elections in Bled, the two Presidential tickets agree as follows

3.1  The Presidential Ticket of Ignatius Leong shall withdraw in favour of the ticket of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov.

3.2  Subsequent to the election of the Ilyumzhinov ticket, the President shall nominate 5 Vice Presidents each of whom shall be entitled to voting rights as well as other equal rights for Vice Presidents on the Presidential Board.

3.3  In order to maximize the benefits and abilities, which both sides carry with them for the good of FIDE, the nominated Vice Presidents shall include the following:
3.4  The remaining three members of the Leong Presidential Ticket shall be jointly supported to run for elective positions in the Executive Board or if they prefer, Commissions.

This Agreement has been reached in good faith with each Presidential Ticket acting in what they believe is in the overall best interest of FIDE.

Given under our hands in Moscow this 21st day of September 2002.

(Signed)                          (Signed)
Kirsan Ilyumzhinov                Ignatius Leong
Presidential Candidate            Presidential Candidate

(Signed)                          (Signed)
Georgios Makropoulos              Morten Sand
Deputy President Candidate        Deputy President Candidate

In reply to objections from supporters disappointed hat the ticket had compromised rather than continuing to fight, Morten Sand wrote the following:

Subj: RE: Ilyumzhinov/Leong Agreement 
Date: 09/22/2002 5:52:04 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: morten.sand@legaliz.no
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Dear Chess friends,

I will make some comments regarding the agreement. I have to emphasize that they are my personal comments and that I do not want to reveal the confidential discussions I have had with Ignatius and others that have been involved in the negotiation process.

1. FIDE elections in Bled

I can understand the disappointment of those who have been waiting for a change in FIDE and of those who believed we could win. However we have to be realistic. There is no way the Leong ticket could have won the election. Not because the ticket and the individuals involved are not hard working people. Not because the Manifesto for reform in FIDE addresses the wrong issues, but simply because Kirsan and his ticket will win if he puts in the necessary recourses. And we understood that “the machinery” was starting to work.

In this situation we could have kept on running and achieved between 30 – 40 votes. We have received positive feedback from many individuals and chess officials, but not near anything that led to a different conclusion. If we had thought losing the election would be in the best interest of FIDE, we would have gone all the way.

2. The agreement

The agreement is based on the philosophy that it is better to have some influence than none at all. After loosing the election in Bled, Ignatius would probably in accordance with tradition, be appointed Vice President without voting rights etc. Apart from this nothing would have been gained.

The agreement secures that Ignatius and I get inside the Presidential Board with equal rights as the current Vice President. The PB is extended with 5 VP and we can always debate if this is good or not. 3 of the VP are in future up for individual elections. Being inside the PB gives us an opportunity to work according to our “Manifesto for a better FIDE”. It will be a first small step, but I remind you that there has been no representative inside the PB with voting rights from “our group” since 1996! 4 more years of this is not very satisfying.

Now, if you feel that it is a better solution for us to be outside the PB, you (USCF) should vote against the agreement.

There is another important aspect we have to bear in mind. For how long will Kirsan continue his involvement I chess. After all he has now spent USD 30/35 mill on chess and he has been FIDE President for 6 years. What if he for some reason resigns in 2 years time? If this happens it is of vital importance for some one to be inside the PB to take charge of what ever then will happen. Being on “the outside” in such crucial moment can prove to be a bad mistake.

I have known many of you for several years and some of us have fought numerous battles together for what we have believed in. During my work in FIDE I believe that all of you have experienced that I fight for what I believe, but that I also seek consensus when I think it is necessary. We may not always share the same opinions, but we share the same goal.  It is my best judgement that the signed agreement offers a better alternative than continue the election race and lose with “honour”.

Best regards

Morten Sand

I am disappointed that, as so often happens in FIDE, there will be no election.  I am not convinced that Leong and Sand have achieved any real power this way- far better would have been to wage an energetic campaign, probably "losing with honour," but calling attention to the mismanagement of FIDE under an individual it is a disgrace for chess to be associated with, and laying the groundwork for a more serious challenge next time.

Also, miracles sometmes happen in politics (chess and otherwise) when underdogs fight hard.  No one thought Truman had a chance against Dewey, or Jesse Ventura would be elected Governor of Minnesota lacking major party endorsement.  The present Mayor of New York City was far behind in the polls only a week before his election.  In USCF, Lee Hyder was a tremendous underdog when elected Secretary in 1975, as was Rachel Lieberman in 1993. 

OMOV was long considered a hopeless cause, and would probably never have passed had its main supporters exhibited the "fighting spirit" of Leong and Sand.  Likewise, consider all the defeats suffered by those fighting for female suffrage, or for equal rights for blacks.  These struggles were not won by compromising, but by proclaiming the virtue of the cause over and over until a majority was finally convinced.     

If those who gave in without a fight this time say they are challenging Ilyumzhinov in the next election, why should anyone take them seriously?  Why rally around "leaders" who may resign the game while it is still in the opening with equal material, just because the opponent has a high rating?      

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